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Senin, 23 Juli 2012

How To Make Story Well

Ok here i'm going to tell u about how to make short story well,actually there are 3 factors in making the story : 
Orientation      :   it contains about the character, the time 
                            and the place
Complication   :   it contains about the problem of story

Resolution       :   it contains about the finishing of the problem
                            in the story

For an example, you can  read the simple Story below   carefully!!

Adha’s Action

Unce upon a time, there was a young man named Adha. He was school in “Harapan Indah of Senior High School” and he was just 2nd grade level. He was a most stupid student in his class and he was so familliar by all people in his school ‘cause of his naughty action to everyone, so that most of his friends didn’t want to accompany him.
When the bell was rang, all students were going soon into the class, but the naughty boy always came late, so he often got a punishment from  his school and it wasn’t seldom to do by him everyday.
Some theachers always gave him a warning and they also gave him an advice continuously but he never obeyed it all and he thought that his action wasn’t a great matter. “whatever fool teachers!! i don’t care about your mentions,,ha..ha..i can do everything what I want and nobody can against me!!,” Said the boy.
Actually Adha was a good student and he was a dilligent student before, moreover he was a smartest boy of his friends especially for Math, he always got the best score and he never got a little score,so his teacher often praised him. “I’m proud of you Adha, you can learn well and when the exam you always get a satisfaction result,”. But after Adha communicated with the naughty boys, his attitude became to change.
Difficult to believe, at the first Adha was a good boy to be bad. Until the time his action hadn’t changed. Simetimes theacers also were confused and they felt annoyed to think him. They start to think how to make Adha to be a good student again just like before. They had done all ways,, but at the result Adha never hear them.
Oneday in his classroom there was a new student, her name was Rose. She was a student from another Senior High School. When Adha looked up her, he was surprised and his heart couldn’t stop to throb and he straight got a shock. Adha said,”who is she?”then he slept for a while.
Since at the time, he was falling in love to the new student. Onetime in the yard he was talking with his friend and then he saw Rose. ”Oh..take a look friends! There’s an angel. She’s so beautiful,ow..wow.. I really love her very much,” said Adha happily to his friends. He shouted,” Rose, Rose, I love you” and Rose only could smile to Adha.
The next morning, Adha began his daily activity with enjoyed in the school. the teachers felt astonishment to see the boy. “ I think Adha have become a good boy again, look his attitude right now,,he’s so different,” said one of the teachers who was talking about Adha to the others.
Because of her Adha became spirit to study. He always came to the school so early and he was never late. All teachers were very happy. Moreover his parent was also so happy, ‘cause he could change his attitude just like before time.
“ Actually  the thing that make me just like this and change me to be good boy again, ‘cause of the girl, Rose! I really like you, I might love you…I promise I’ll get you,”said Adha inside his heart.

Maybe that’s all friends wich I can tell you, so how? Have you understood about how to make the story.
If you get trouble in making the story you can send it to my email at nuralamgenta@yahoo.com or akanggenta@gmail.com and also can through my Twitter on “@akanggenta or FbGenta Nur Alam.
Ok..but if there’s a mistake in making the story, forgive me..because I’m still in process to study..See you later friends…


                                                                                                        Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb